Watch The Possession Online in which Hollywood seems unwilling to stop squeezing the reef of the alleged facts-based horror films, and every few minutes reach us new proposals with the promise to make us have a bad time in our closest cinemas. This time I have to speak of 'The Possession', last exponent of this grain of the genre film directed by Ole Bornedal.

Watch The Possession Online
which takes several years without shooting any film that stands out, but to him we owe 'The night watchman', a Danish tape directed by Nikolaj Coster-Waldau, nowadays known for giving life to James in the 'Game of Thrones' television.

Watch The Possession Online
that film enjoyed some international echo, which ended up leading three years later in an American remake directed by the own Bornedal entitled 'The shadow of the night'. This new version was the first role of Ewan McGregor in the USA, but had poor reception. Bornedal returned to Denmark and has not been until now that it has been in Hollywood, and now we can see the poster and the trailer for this film.

Watch The Possession Online has as little Emily buys a seemingly harmless box at a flea market, but that no one suspected is that she is living an evil spirit that will end with the protagonist if parents do not do something to remedy the situation.

Watch The Possession Online what is the solution? Since an exorcism. I recognize all of the box sounded not bad, but the topic of exorcisms is already so trite that I have too much faith in which out something interesting even though the trailer is not bad. As players we will have Jeffrey Dean Morgan, Kyra Sedgwick and Natasha Calis.
Watch The Possession Online It's not bad, find up to five writers (E.L. Katz, Kevin Mannis, Stephen Susco, Juliet Snowden and Stiles White) also tends to be a bad sign, but better hopefully until its premiere on 21 December, in the USA they may see it as of August 31, but is that there is no rush for sale in our country.

Watch The Possession Online is a new twist to the always relieved topic of exorcisms. However, on this occasion, the devil comes not from the Christian tradition, but the Jewish. The tape has the production of Sam Raimi and the direction of Ole Bornedal, which we remember as being responsible for 'Night watchman', the American remake of a film that the filmmaker had already made in his native Denmark.

Watch The Possession Online based on real events, The possession  tells how a family life is altered when the parents of a young girl begin to see strange behavior in small. The origin of this unusual behavior is located in an old box that the parent will buy his daughter. Inside was a dibbuk, an evil spirit that takes possession of the body of persons to destroy it.

Watch The Possession Online In addition to Natasha Calis, that gives life to the young protagonist, we find two veteran actors in the role of parents as Kyra Sedgwick and Jeffrey Dean Morgan. Kevin Bacon's wife seems that lately devoted more efforts to television, where triumphs with the series The Closer, but lately we have seen it in a small role of reporter in 'On the brink of the abyss'. For its part, the comedian of Watchmen seems that it has had more luck on the small screen, where he has triumphed in Grey's Anatomy or Magic City, in the cinema, where is credited as 'The perfect victim' or 'The losers' fiasco.